Testimonials From Companies Who Have Benefited From Angels 5K

Dozens of companies have successfully applied to Angels 5K for an investment and have gone on to have a fruitful relationship with us. In their own words, here are some of the reasons why companies find Angels 5K to be a great partner.

“The people, process and timeline for completing two investments in our company, one under difficult trading conditions, could not have been better, simpler or faster.” Steve Peskin, Managing Director, Virtual Clarity

“The business has received strong investment support from Angels 5k members over several years and there is a Club member on our Board. We have found it a simple and efficient process, especially as shares are held by a nominee company and communications are channeled through just two points of contact, one for discussions about the business and one for administrative matters.” Christopher Clark, Managing Director, OwnFone Limited

“As the chairman of Yamgo, I have been delighted with the involvement of Angels 5K. Its members have invested in our business through a number of funding rounds and continue to take an active interest in the success of our business, including visiting our offices in Swansea.
We are a technology business operating in the mobile sector, so having a good understanding of what we do is not easy for non industry specialists. But the breadth of knowledge provided by the various backgrounds of Angel 5K members has meant there exists a base for the productive exchange of information.
“Given the current risk adverse attitude of banks and the size needed to attract the attention of VCs, the Angels 5K group fill a funding gap in the market very successfully.”  John Quinn, Chairman, Yamgo Ltd

“The company’s investors from Angels 5K are well informed and supportive. We are very pleased with the continued association.” Cipher Surgical

“We have always found Angels 5K to be professional and efficient, and the fact that we can approach many investors through one nominee holding company, has enabled Phico to raise significant amounts of money  with minimal overhead, allowing us to focus more on our core business of developing novel antibiotics.” Lucy Block, Phico Therapeutics

“For us it’s been a gratifying dual investment from Angels 5K: money and wisdom!” Dr John Hart, Chairman & CEO, Endocrine Pharmaceuticals Ltd

“There really was a huge amount of knowledge in that room with a lot of different backgrounds.” Anon