A Selection of Startups and Growing Companies who have been Backed by Angels 5K Investors

Companies looking for funding appreciate our professionalism, low fees, active involvement and the general ease with which we carry out the process. Here are examples of companies that have received an investment from Angels 5K. Some are currently in our portfolio; others have completed the process and successfully exited.

Aeristech's48v 10kw Electric SuperchargerCredit: Professional Images

Aeristech’s portfolio of technologies in permanent magnet motors, electronic controllers, and high-speed electric turbomachinery allow them to build electric turbines and turbo-compressors with breakthrough performance.

Aeristech's48v 10kw Electric SuperchargerCredit: Professional Images

Anaxsys is a medical device company that develops and markets innovative respiratory devices that meet clinical needs.

Image of MyOwnPhone

MyOwnFhone is a mobile phone that is personalised to suit the needs of its user and is simple to use.

The Electrospinning Company develops products utilising the world-class electrospinning platform at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.

Michelson Diagnostics

Michelson Diagnostics have developed a world-leading, patented, medical imaging technology known as multi-beam Optical Coherence Tomography (‘OCT’), which provides highly detailed sub-surface images of skin.

Olly Limited

Olly Limited produces animated children’s TV series Olly the Little White Van.

Phico Therapeutics is developing a unique antibiotic technology to address one the most urgent challenges facing medicine today – how to destroy multi-drug resistant bacteria, the so-called “superbugs”.

RocketRoute provide apps for worldwide flight planning and filing.


Sparekeys offers a national emergency service for replacement keys and substitute credit cards and mobile phones

Sphere Fluidics is a Life Sciences company which has developed unique products for use in single cell analysis and characterisation and provides collaborative R&D services in this area.

Theryte image

Theryte is a drug discovery and development company that is committed to bringing revolutionary new cancer treatments to market.

Virtual Clarity helps large organizations exploit cloud computing. Their Zero Infrastructure approach eliminates IT infrastructure to transform the cost and quality of IT services.

Image of Yamgo Bollywood Movies

Yamgo is a leading global provider of end-to-end linear TV and video streaming services delivering transcoding, encoding, distribution, publishing and advertising solutions for digital media owners.

Acquisition Daily offers informed, punchy commentary and insight into global Mergers & Acquisitions.  

Endocrine Pharmaceuticals is a Life Sciences company with expertise in the area of hormonal regulation of tissue mass and integrity.

Cipher Surgical’s product OpClear helps maintain intraoperative vision by removing contaminants from the laparoscope’s lens.


Synthace produce high value, bio-based chemical and biological products through the application of synthetic biology.

Karus Therapeutics is a leader in the development of innovative medicines that have breakthrough potential in treating inflammatory disease and cancer.

Eseye delivers M2M solutions and connectivity on a global scale.