Axe of Billions Explains His Investment Criteria


This week in Sky TV’s Billions, Axe explained to his wife why she wasn’t ready to launch her small business. It would hit a nerve for anybody who has tried and failed to get angel investment, venture capital or crowdfunding.

“What is it that you do that you’re the best in the world at? You offer […]

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The Number One Factor In StartUp Failures

The website Quora recently asked a number of angel investors and venture capitalists why startups fail. Poor product? Competition? Lack of capital? The answer may surprise you.

First up was Jason M Lemkin, Managing Director of Founder-VC, Co-founder/CEO at EchoSign. He named the Team as the most common reason for failure. People who are great as […]

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5 Things They Don’t Tell you About Becoming an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur isn’t an easy ride and whatever people have told you about starting your own business – they’re sure to have missed something out. If you want to be successful within business you have to take the rough with the smooth and know where to place your valuable, but limited, resources. To do […]

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Give Your New Business The Best Chance Of Success

Knowledge is power! There is significant research into where startups (and acquisitions and new products) go wrong.  An article by the American entrepreneur and investor Wade Myers usefully sums up the major problems we face in trying to achieve success.

Here’s a summary. We make decisions emotionally. We resist deep thinking or analysis. We’re too optimistic. […]

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Why Startups Fail

Here’s an infographic from visual.ly showing why only 1 in 12 startups succeed. The illustration is based on data from 3,200 companies analysed by The Startup Genome project.

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