How To Become An Angel Investor and Join Angels 5K

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Angel Investor Symbolic Photo

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Angels 5k membership is by invitation and restricted to ‘high net worth or sophisticated investors’ under the meaning of the Financial Services and Markets Act (2000). For more information on the FSMA and whether you qualify for membership as an Angel Investor, go to our Application page. You might also like to visit the Financial Conduct Authority’s website.

Our members mainly live or are based in the South of England. We invest capital in innovative companies in exchange for an equity share. The companies tend to be new or fast growing technology, medical or software businesses with a competitive advantage. You can see examples of the kind of companies we have invested in by looking at the Angels 5K Portfolio.

We receive many opportunities for investment. To ensure that you only spend time considering the best, the applications are filtered by selected members who volunteer to screen them. Only the most promising are offered to the entire membership in the form of presentations. These are usually given live at meetings but are also available in the members’ section of this website.

As an Angel Investor, you can then choose which if any you wish to invest in and how much as part of a joint investment. An individual investment is typically £5000 each but it can be considerably more. You can also become involved in helping the businesses succeed by offering advice or perhaps joining the Board.

As an Angel Investor and Angels 5K member, you have the benefit of

• being able to draw on the advice of fellow expert investors
• being able to make direct investments in companies in exchange for equity
• the prospect of a high return on investment (however you may also lose on your investment)
• tax breaks (although this is not a reason in itself to make investments).

If you are accepted as a member, you will pay a lifetime membership fee of £50.

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