What is Angels 5K?

Angels 5K Photo of hand shake

Entrepreneurs Helping Entrepreneurs

Angels 5K is a group of South of England based business entrepreneurs and investment specialists who, having made a success of our own businesses, decided to work together to share our knowledge and combine our resources to help other entrepreneurs.  We like to encourage new and growing companies with investment and practical help.

We are not professional financiers, we simply share a common love of business and of using our experience to help talented people with new ideas achieve their potential. We are commercially minded which is why we focus on investments with high growth business opportunities; but we are also experienced enough to know that all investments are a calculated risk- and that this is part of the fun of being an Angel.

With around 60 active investors, we believe we are the largest angel investment group in England outside of London. To date, we have invested over £4 million in companies throughout the UK. Companies range from medical technology like Michelson Diagnostics to software like Virtual Clarity and RocketRoute to engineering technology like Aeristech. Click here to see our portfolio.

Angels 5K is run by its members for the benefit of its members. We come from throughout the South of England- West Sussex, Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire and Hertfordshire. We meet every two months for around six presentations about investment opportunities from start ups and growing companies. Our meetings also offer a networking opportunity. They take place in venues across the area, from the Harwell Campus near Oxford to Southampton University Science Park to the Grosvenor Hotel in Stockbridge.

Click here for personal insights into being an investor from George Dibben, the chairman of Angels 5K.