Investing Our Time & Money In Entrepreneurs

Angels 5K is a group of private investors based in the South of England. We focus on high growth business opportunities and have invested over £4 million of our own money to date in dozens of companies throughout the UK. We are entrepreneurs ourselves and are passionate about encouraging new businesses. We invest not only our money but also our time in helping them start and grow. Do you have a compelling idea that will make us want to meet and help you?

Looking For Investment from Angels 5K?

If you can demonstrate both a high growth opportunity and a compelling business case, we will be pleased to hear from you

Would You Like To Join
Angels 5K?

We welcome membership applications from ‘high net worth or sophisticated investors’ as defined by the Financial Services Act (2000)

As well as providing finance for entrepreneurs and growing companies, the highly active potential investors who make up Angels 5K frequently help with commercial experience, contacts and access to further capital. If you come to us with an attractive idea, you may well find that our members will aid you with practical advice on improving your application and continue to support you as your company grows.
We are pleased to welcome new members who share our passion for business and love the excitement of finding and nurturing new products. If you are an experienced entrepreneur and want to use your money and experience to help build new businesses, you could apply to join Angels 5K and benefit from our shared knowledge and pooled resources. Being a part of Angels 5K is not for the fainthearted, inexperienced or risk averse- and you will need to be a high net worth individual or sophisticated investor.