Applying For Investment

Angels 5K are using the JustInvesting online platform to capture and manage applications from promising companies seeking investment.

Although JustInvesting mainly focuses on helping investors manage their investments, it is a useful site for companies too because investors can review more companies, screen them more effectively, manage more deals, and invest more capital

Before applying, please click here to check that your proposal fits our Criteria For Investment.

The application form captures the minimum information required. There are three sections-

  • Basic information about your company
  • More information about the opportunity and your plans
  • Information about your funding requirements

To present your case for investment, your application will need to be supported by, at the very least, an Executive Summary of no more than 2 pages, a Business Plan, a set of Accounts (if available) and a Cash Flow Forecast.

You can make your investment application more attractive by adding additional material and content. This is optional but often helps reviewers decide which companies to take forward.

When all mandatory fields have been completed you can SUBMIT your information for review. At this point Angels 5K will receive a notification and will be able to review your material. Your application will then be assessed by a number of members before being approved for a presentation to a meeting of the full membership.

You can manage and edit your applications, online company profile, funding rounds and communications via your company dashboard. This is available for you to use without charge for as long as you want and with unlimited investors and multiple investment groups.

Apply Here

If you have not already, you will need to register with JustInvesting. Then you can proceed to make your application and upload your documents. If you already have a JustInvesting account, simply login using your existing account details. Your new application will be automatically pre-populated with information from your current company profile.

For questions about the application process and next steps please contact If you have questions about using the online platform and tools, please contact

Please note that all submissions will be considered to be in the public domain unless and until we have signed a confidentiality agreement.